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Monday, August 8, 2016

Body Building Original Shirts

These are shirt designs I've put together to sell on Zazzle. You can customize them, change the image, or the text as you wish. The first one says, "These guns don't run" It's a joke so don't get totally offended by the word "guns". If it does offend you, you probably don't go to the gym much anyway. Just kidding. Guns are referring to arms here of course. My arms are so huge that bullets bounce off my muscles, but that's just me.
These Guns Don't Run Muscle
These Guns Don't Run Muscle by Sportsfitness
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Ladies proudly announce your status as a gym rat. Believe it or not there's a lot of people today who seem to put more value on not working out and being flabby, so for everyone that works out, say proudly, that you are a gym rat. Working out is our constitutional right after all.
Gym Rat
Gym Rat by Sportsfitness
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"You do not want to mess with these guns!" shirt. Sometimes, you just got to get into people's faces with your own personal type statement. I think it's time to make a statement about Dad bods. You do not have to have a wimpy body to be a dad. In fact, dad's work pretty hard putting food on the table. Some do office jobs of course, but others are out in the hot sun lifting and pushing all day long. But hey, not matter what you do, dads should go to the gym. Just being married with children isn't a excuse to be a lazy piece of crap in the gym. Hey, you got more reason to live a long healthy life if you have kids even if you have teenagers.
This Dad Bod Muscles
This Dad Bod Muscles by Sportsfitness
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This is a great mug to give your dad, make him think you think he's a totally awesome muscled up hero type! I made this one for myself really. I'm getting older, but you know I don't subscribe to the idea you got to lay down and die because you start adding numbers on to your years on this earth. Don't fade away, go out in a blaze of glory with 800 lbs on your back by golly. Ok, I don't lift that much...yet. Keep goals going forward. Always go forward, I don't care if you are a 100 years old. Recently, I've seen a video of a granny that deadlifts more most men, and another one water skiing at age 90. So look, if the good Lord has blessed you with mobility then don't make excuses, get up and move.
Body Builder This Dad Bod Ain't Weak
Body Builder This Dad Bod Ain't Weak by Sportsfitness
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Finally, here's a an awesome and useful product. It's a gym bag with the good old USA flag upon it. Now you can have your name printed at the top right next to the USA.
USA American Flag
USA American Flag by Sportsfitness
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