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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cute Funny Animal T-shirts

For these shirts I made to sell on Zazzle I went to and found some cartoon drawings. I modified them just a bit before putting them up on shirts. You have to be careful, even though pixabay is marked public domain I have found characters I know that aren't public domain like Popeye. So it's best to modify drawings as much as possible that you find to be on the safe side. How about this cool that has his own pair of cool shades. This cat knows a good pair of sunglasses when he sees them.
Cute Cool Cat Shirt
Cute Cool Cat Shirt by duckdallas
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There's that cat again, only he's much larger on this shirt.
Cool Cute Kitty Cat Tank Top
Cool Cute Kitty Cat Tank Top by duckdallas
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This turtle may be slow, but he's not afraid to race you.

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